Adam Silver Hoping Police Brutality Can Stop At Least Until Season Ends

Alex Edmonds
3 min readSep 2, 2020


The NBA took a stand on Wednesday night, with the Milwaukie Bucks deciding to boycott game 5 of their first round series with the Orlando Magic. The boycott was a response to yet another case of police brutality, this time happening in Kenosha, Wisconsin with the shooting of Jacob Blake.

With the Bucks’ decision, other NBA teams followed suit, and the entire league decided to postpone games until Saturday the 29th. It was a courageous 48 hour battle against police brutality.

(In all seriousness, I understand the frustration from the players. A majority of these guys are black, so it makes sense that they would be outraged by the Jacob Blake situation.) Adam Silver, however, was likely shitting his pants during the entire NBA cancellation.

Silver has worked so hard to vocalize his support for equality. His greatest showcase of activism: Making every coach wear a cute little “Racial Justice” badge.

That’ll show em!

And how can we forget the “Black Lives Matter” statement painted on the court? Surely this would put an end to inequality? Surely.

Surprisingly, even after lathering Miller Paint’s best carbon black onto some hardwood, police brutality hasn’t disappeared. I’ll bet Adam is devastated.

It baffles me that a bad cop wouldn’t read the “Black Lives Matter” statement and go “You know what, maybe I shouldn’t shoot.” I guess some officers don’t watch the NBA.

With the racial equality decorations failing to work, players have taken matters into their own hands, threatening to cancel the season. Adam Silver has voiced his support for the players, but in a more real sense, he doesn’t support the players at all.

This whole boycott situation reminds me of the Office episode where Darryl and the warehouse try to unionize and Michael is too fearful to tell them off.

Except in this scenario, Darryl and the warehouse workers are LeBron and the players, and Michael is Adam Silver. Unfortunately, Adam can’t buy a couple pizzas to make everything go away.

The NBA commissioner is in a bind. He’s way too scared to deny the players their rights, but at the same time, he needs to keep the ship running. No way in hell they can cancel the season. The NBA has spent north of $100 million on a bubble to ensure that players aren’t testing positive. Of corona, that is. Now Hepatitis, that’s a different story. Point is, the NBA has put a lot into this bubble. No way they can back out now.

The way I see it, LeBron James could get shot point blank by Trump… Adam Silver would still find a way to continue these playoffs. Money is too important and human rights need to take a back seat at some point. Just look at the NBA’s stance on China.