Add “Rondo Fractured Finger” to LeBron’s List of Excuses

Alex Edmonds
2 min readJul 13, 2020


Hello everyone, Skip Bayless here, ready to talk about the NBA playoffs.

Over the past months, NBA fans have been dying for some sports news. Give us anything. And I mean anything. Tell me about Mike Conley’s stretching routine during quarantine, I don’t care. I’ll take it.

Fortunately, for us, the NBA is back up and running again. Players are now in the bubble, and as always, the millionaires are finding something to complain about.

With practices now in full swing, ESPN can start to report some more of their meaningless information to the masses. I’m excited to hear about Luka Doncic “regaining his strength” or whatever the hell they choose to make a story out of.

Despite all of the bullshit NBA storylines we’re being fed, something significant actually happened on Sunday night. Woj, or sorry, Woj’s replacement on ESPN, reported that the Rajon Rondo suffered a fractured finger and will be out 6–8 weeks. That’s pretty big news considering the Lakers are already missing Avery Bradley.

As my name is Skip Bayless, the first thing I though of when hearing this news: How will this affect LeBron’s legacy?

Here’s my Tweet:

As I said in my tweet, it is Bron’s time to shine. If he truly is the GOAT, then he will show us how it is done in this bubble hell hole. And remember, if LeBron does not win a title this year, we are considering this a hit to his legacy. However, if he wins, there will be a big asterisks next to this championship. I will say that he now has 3.1 rings if the Lakers win the title in Orlando. Also, if the Lakers win the championship, I will only give credit to Anthony Davis and Alex Caruso. Bron will not receive any compliments from my end.

All in all, this injury suck for Rondo. But being the toxic sports media that we are, we need to think about how this injury affects LeBron, and LeBron only.