Breaking: Patrick Mahomes to Buy Hunt’s Ketchup (Possibly)

Alex Edmonds
1 min readJul 12, 2020

The sports world went crazy earlier this week, after Schefty announced the Chiefs new deal for Patrick Mahomes. The biggest sports contract in North American History.

Here are the details:

Mahomes is a rich man, and as a man who loves ketchup, my sources are telling me that Patrick plans to purchase the Hunt’s Ketchup franchise.

Per an interview with Pardon My Take, Mahomes confirmed that he used to eat ketchup sandwiches as a kid (that’s just bread and ketchup). And now as an adult, he puts Hunt’s on just about anything. Including a steak.

So here’s the big question: Now, with half a billion dollars to work with, why wouldn’t Mahomes purchase the Hunt’s brand? There’s no reason not to. And how big of a story would that be? You go from being a childhood Hunt’s fan, to now, the owner of the whole damn franchise. It’d be quite the inspiration for all of us condiment fans.

Hunt’s is currently owned by Conagra Brands, which has a net worth of $17.69 Billion. Mahomes has about 1/36th of the payment covered, but perhaps he can get a loan or something. I’m sure Andy Reid could provide some funding.