Breaking: Racist Cop Resigns After Reading “Black Lives Matter” on NBA Court

Hillsboro, OR- In a wild turn of events, Washington County cop, David Lewis, has resigned from the Hillsboro Police Force after 28 years of service. His reason for resigning? Reading “Black Lives Matter” on an NBA court.

Lewis explained his though process, saying “You know, I was watching some NBA basketball, as us 50 year old white men do, and those words on the court really got to me.” Lewis, a man of God, has been cited with over 33 harmful convictions towards people of color in the past decade, and he admits that Adam Silver’s message was the breaking point. The Hillsboro Police Force was happy with Lewis’s work performance, so it came as a shock to them when the 12 time “Employee of the Year” recipient decided to resign. Adam Silver followed up on the incident, stating, “With everything going on in the world, I’m just happy I could do my part.” And the NBA Commish certainly has done his part. Whether it’s the “Black Lives Matter” painting or the “Racial Justice” badges, this man is doing everything to inspire real change. Adam Silver: He’s as brave as they come.




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Alex Edmonds

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