Dame Lillard is the Best Player in the NBA

Alex Edmonds
3 min readAug 13, 2020

Welcome back to THIS LEAGUE.

It’s been a wild couple of days for Dame Lillard and the Blazers. We’ve seen a lot of Instagram and Twitter beef, a lot of sensitivity, a lot of Paul George crying, you know, just the usual stuff.

It all started on Sunday, when the Blazers embarrassingly lost to a bunch of the Clippers backups. Long story short, Dame missed two free throws that cost Portland the game, and Patrick Beverley, who has never been an all star, mocked Lillard by saying the famous “Dame time” phrase sarcastically.

Let me be clear on that: Patrick Beverley, who has accomplished close to nothing in his entire career, was trying to talk shit to the best point guard in the league.

After the Clippers game ended, Dame was asked about Pat Bev’s reaction. Here was his response:

That’s right, Dame has sent both PG and Pat Bev home before. Not sure where these clowns get off on criticizing Lillard.

For Patrick Beverly, his only relevance comes from running his mouth. He might as well be a full time hire on Skip and Shannon’s show. I saw some tweet that said, “Pat Bev averages 0 points, 30 yells, and 50 claps per game.” That’s a very accurate statement. He is the Jalen Ramsey of the NBA. Talks a lot, but contributes nothing.

As for Paul George, this guy should keep his mouth shut. Imagine having a 37-foot, series/season ending game winner shot right in your fucking face. Quite embarrassing. Not much you can really say after that. And yet, Paul George tried to go at the king. (Lillard is the king). PG certainly missed.

And now, after switching teams for the third time, PG thinks he can criticize someone else? As Dame said, keep running from the grind:

That’s exactly what PG is doing. He couldn’t get passed the first round in two years at OKC, so he decided to leave for an even better team. PG couldn’t say shit to Dame after last year, but now that Paul has Kawhi’s back to hide behind, he feels real comfortable running his mouth at Dame. It’s like a drunk idiot telling his boys to “hold him back” even though he’s scared shitless to fight on his own.

As a Blazer fan, it’s fun to watch the idiot trash talk of PG and Pat Bev. Dame has certainly responded well. Unlike Paul George and Patrick Beverley, Lillard has backed up his talking with some monster performances. In fact, Dame has scored more points in his last two games (112) than Patrick Beverley will score over the next four seasons combined.

The Clippers have woken up the beast, and I’m excited to watch Dame continue to dominate.