Debate: Is Baker Mayfield a Bad QB or a Terrible QB?

Alex Edmonds
2 min readDec 6, 2020


Have you ever seen one of those “Fart in a Can” bottles? You know, the cans where you spray a little bit and the whole room smells like a Cici’s bathroom right after the noon buffet? Well, whether you’ve heard of it or not, I’m here to tell you that I’ve found the human version of a “Fart in a Can” bottle. Who is it? It’s Baker Mayfield.

Despite the Browns now having an 8–3 record, there’s no denying that Baker has been liquid ass throughout the season. The Texas native got the win on Sunday against the Jags, but beating the Jags is like beating a 5'9'’ guy in boxing. Very easy.

Over his first three seasons, Baker has collected quite the list of naysayers. Whether it’s Colin Cowherd, Stephen A, or Rex Ryan, there’s plenty of guys counting down the days until Baker gets benched for good. And do these guys have a right to hate him? Probably. The man has more commercials than wins, and when it comes to making the easy throws, he can’t deliver:

Ryan Clark recently went on ESPN, and when asked about Baker, he said “I’ve never seen a QB do less with more.” Sadly, I have to agree.

The Browns currently sit at an impressive 8–3 but it’s hard to consider them a Super Bowl contender with Baker at QB. Will he get benched at the end of this year? Most likely.