DeSean Jackson Quoted Hitler. This is 2020.

Alex Edmonds
2 min readJul 8, 2020

It’s been a rough year for everyone. We’ve experienced a lot. Whether it was the death of Kobe, the coronavirus, the murder of George Floyd… the list of horrible things goes on. 2020 has thrown a lot at us.

We’ve also seen a lot of news lately with cancel culture. As a result of the injustices, many celebrities and brands have been called out on Twitter for racist behavior. Bill Simmons has been called out, Barstool Sports has been called out, Joe Rogan, Jimmy Kimmel, etc.

Just when I thought the cancel culture mob was dying down, DeSean Jackson blessed us with some wonderful Hitler quotes. That is not a typo.

To give some context, Jackson posted this on his Instagram:

I’m not sure what Jackson’s reasoning was for posting this to his social media. It doesn’t matter what his reasoning was. The first two words say “Hitler said.” That didn’t tip him off? .

Shortly after his post, Jackson started getting the heat. As he should for endorsing one of the top five worst people in history. I should quote Osama Bin Laden in my next work presentation. We’ll see how that boils over.

But for DeSean, it appears that he was trying to “educate” people through use of a Hitler quote. The only problem was that he used a Hitler quote.

Jackson followed up with an apology, saying “I have no hatred in my heart towards no one.” But unfortunately, and yes, very unfortunately, he kept posting Hitler quotes. Fool me once, DeSean!

This time, he highlighted another gem from Adolf, talking about how Jews will plan to extort America:

Why he decided to keep posting? I don’t know. I don’t think anyone knows.

The Eagles have yet to release a statement. Perhaps they can apologize about Riley Cooper while they’re at it.