Malcolm Jenkins Says “Jewish People are not our Problem.” Big Yikes.

Alex Edmonds
2 min readJul 14, 2020

I wrote an article last week about DeSean Jackson, and how he quoted Hitler when trying to prove a point about black oppression. DeSean’s actions came as a surprise to most people, with many asking “how stupid and insensitive can you be?”

Unfortunately, there weren’t many athletes or media members who chose to speak out against DeSean’s wrongdoings. Turns out these “activists” only care about oppression when it fits their own agenda. Shocking.

Stephen Jackson and Malcolm Jenkins were the most notable to speak out on DeSean’s ignorant posts. However, their responses to DeSean’s actions made matters even worse. When Stephen Jackson addressed DeSean’s comments, he stated that DeSean was “speaking truth” when he posted the Hitler quote. Then after facing some backlash, Stephen Jackson defended himself saying, “I don’t know nothing about Hitler and I could give a [expletive] about Hitler.”

That’s pretty ridiculous, right? I mean, was that ACTUALLY his excuse for supporting DeSean’s post? “I don’t know nothing about Hitler.” Really? Could you imagine if a white celebrity posted quotes from a KKK leader and then said ,”Oh I don’t know anything about the Grand Wizard”? CNN would have a field day. But of course, oppression of Jewish people doesn’t fit the media’s agenda.

We didn’t see any coverage from CNN. We didn’t see any athletes speak out against DeSean Jackson. And THAT is the problem. So-called “activists” like LeBron James, Jemele Hill and Malcolm Jenkins only want to talk about oppression when it has an affect on their own people. Clearly, that’s not how activism works. You can’t say you’re “for the cause” and then pick and choose which causes you want to support. There’s no cherry picking when it comes to human rights. If we want to eliminate oppression in this country, we need to fight all battles.

Mitch Albom said it best in his article. “You can’t go ballistic for one cause and then stay silent for another.”