My Expectations for Sports Media Were Low But Holy Fuck

Alex Edmonds
2 min readAug 13, 2020

There’s a lot to hate about the media. Whether it’s the clickbait articles or the shitty reporting, I don’t have anything positive to say about a majority of these media outlets. Every news company is like a goodie two shoes middle school student… they’ve got their own agenda. (That was a good one). We see companies like Fox and CNN, biased as hell, and doing everything in their power to ruin the opposing political party. It’s incredibly toxic, just like a locker room with LeBron in it. (Unnecessary jab).

We all know that Political news station are a shit show, but sports media should be different, right? Unfortunately not. With everything going on in this country, ESPN has decided to join in on the racial/political fuckery with Fox and CNN. (Who would have thought that sticking to sports would be so hard for a sports media company?)

The other day I saw a post on SportCenter’s Instagram, simply showing Meyers Leonard standing during the national anthem.

That’s it. That was the entire post.

Why is it that people’s decisions to stand or kneel are making the front page of the news? I guess ESPN wants us to be outraged when a white person chooses to stand for the flag? People want to create conflict out of thin air.

We saw the same thing with Jonathan Isaac, as he was the first player to stand during the anthem. He also chose to just wear his jersey instead of the “Black Lives Matter” shirts that everyone else had on. And because he did so, the media came in with a shitload of questions after the game. Taylor Rooks had the nerve to ask Isaac if he “thinks that black lives matter.” Seriously? So essentially, you’re asking a guy if he thinks his own life matters. Great Journalism.

In addition to Jonathan Isaac and Meyers Leonard, Gregg Popovich and Becky Hammon stood during the anthem. Are they going to get ridiculed as well? The fact that people are being questioned for standing during the National Anthem is completely insane. You should have the choice to kneel or stand without facing judgement from the media.

These companies like Fox Sport and ESPN have gotten out of hand. The constant LeBron and Zion posts, the political BS, it’s all so unnecessary. Do better, and stop trying to make such a big deal out of nothing.