Pablo Sandoval Is Very Fat.

Alex Edmonds
2 min readJul 5, 2020

Title says it all.

Pablo Sandoval showed up to training camp today looking like he ate at least two of the San Fran bat boys. We should really change his nickname from Panda to Panda Express.

Quarantine hasn’t been kind to everyone. I’m aware that gyms have been shut down, but that’s no excuse for a millionaire professional athlete. Something tells me Sandoval assumed we weren’t having a season.

In reality, quarantine or not, Pablo appears to be in his final form. 50 lbs overweight is peak condition for Sand man. How can any Sox fan forget 2016 training camp, when Panda showed up with his gut hanging out, telling everyone that he had “nothing to prove.”

Must be nice to feel that way about your profession. I wonder if I could pull that off at my job? Let me just show up to the office hammered and tell my boss that I’ve got nothing to worry about. We’ll see how that goes.

But anyway, this post-quarantine photo of Panda is giving me PTSD from the years he played for the Sox. I’m pretty sure the “belt-break” is engrained in my head forever.

Luckily for Sox Nation, we no longer have to deal with this tub of lard. And yeah, it might sound like I’m fat shaming, which I totally am. But remember, fat shaming is completely justified when you’re talking about a professional athlete. Being fit is in the job description. If anything, I’m shaming this guy for not doing his job. I call that holding people accountable.

All in all, I’m damn glad Pablo is no longer on the Red Sox. San Fran can pay for his Nutrisystem this time. Or his diabetes medication.