Should Rudy Gobert be Banned from the NBA for Life?

Alex Edmonds
2 min readApr 5, 2020


What a fucking time this is. No sports. No god damn sports. Adam Silver can call himself the pioneer of canceling sports leagues, because once he did it, other big leagues like the XFL followed his path.

Now, before anybody throws a fit, I realize that this whole issue is much bigger than sports. The coronavirus is a real thing, and people are dying everyday from it. Now with that said, we need to clown Rudy Gobert for quite a while. The dude was straight up rubbing microphones during his press conference, making a mockery of the whole virus conspiracy. There were rumors that he was even hugging his teammates on the same day (pause)… and then what do you know? Dude gets/had the virus.

I remember the chaos when that news first broke. Everything happened so fast. First tweet was about Gobert having the virus. Then next thing you know, the entire league is on lockdown.

At first I thought the move was a bit overdramatic. And even before that, I thought the discussion of banning just the fans from the stadiums seemed a bit ridiculous. But obviously, I don’t know shit, and I’m glad Adam Silver didn’t take advice from me or anyone else on Twitter.

After reviewing all of this, it’s quite possible that Rudy Gobert was not the first person in the NBA to contract the virus. However, he was the first person to be outed by Woj, which by the rules of Twitter, means that Rudy was the first one to get Corona.

I’m not sure when exactly Woj became the TMZ of the NBA, but he went on ESPN and gossiped that the Jazz players were upset with Gobert, and that many relationships would need rekindling after he gave the virus to Donovan Mitchell. Once again, I don’t know how the hell Woj figured out that info. But true or not, the entire NBA community ate that shit up.

Even though many other players and celebrities have tested positive, I think Gobert will remain the butt of this joke when all is said and done.

With all that has happened in the past few weeks, it is crazy to think that the NBA rules the world. They were the first big organization to suspend games, and then everyone else followed. As I mentioned, all other sports leagues like the XFL and the G league decided the suspend their seasons. And companies and schools around the world decided to send people home.

Unfortunately for me, the work doesn’t stop, and I don’t get to appreciate boredom like other people. Either way, I am done with Audit Busy Season, and I will be sure to keep everyone posted on any sports related updates. There probably won’t be many. Thanks again, Rudy.