Steve Nash to Issue Apology for Being White

Alex Edmonds
2 min readSep 14, 2020

Brooklyn, NY- In a classic turn of events, Steve Nash has been bullied by the mainstream media for having white skin. The media, mainly ESPN, was up in arms when the Brooklyn Nets announced that they were naming Steve Nash as their next head coach. With the climate that we’re in, people are quick to call out racial injustice when they see it. And in this case, ESPN’s employees felt that a black coach might be more deserving of the opportunity. (Not really sure why race is even a factor here, but oh well.)

Among ESPN’s daft employees, Stephen A. Smith had quite a lot to say about the Nash hiring. In response to Nash getting the Nets’ job with little to no coaching experience, Smith stated, “This does not happen for a black man.” In actuality, this statement just isn’t true. Just like many other claims Stephen A has made over the years:

Plenty of black people have received a coaching job with no previous experience. Mark Jackson, Jason Kidd, Derek Fisher and Doc Rivers all got head coaching jobs without previous experience. The claim “this does not happen for a black man” is straight up wrong.

Stephen A makes a great point, but in a more real sense, he doesn’t make a great point at all. We’ve witnessed quite a lot of injustice in 2020, but this isn’t a situation where we need to pull the race card. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant HAND-PICKED Steve Nash. I don’t think anyone in the Nets front office ever said, “Yeah we need to go with a white guy. Let’s disregard any black candidates.” I’ve already called Stephen A. a clown in previous articles. Now he’s just adding to the circus.