The Pats Will Legally Use a Cam for the First Time in Franchise History

Alex Edmonds
2 min readJul 1, 2020


Big boy Schefter broke the internet this afternoon, announcing that the Patriots signed Cam Newton to a 1 year deal.

Not sure how the rest of the league let this happen… but they let it happen. They let a Patriots dynasty replace one former MVP QB… with another MVP QB.

After losing Brady this offseason, it looked as if the Pats were in full tank-mode.

Here I was, thinking Belichick would give us his best Zac Taylor impersonation.

But of course, I was delusional to think that the Pats would have a losing season. There’s no way Belichick could live with himself.

So, yet again, the Pats are set to make another run this year. And they’re doing it with their first legal Cam ever. A Cam that can’t get them fined. (Just as long as he doesn’t keep wearing those visor clips.)

In all seriousness, the Pats are getting a former MVP who still has a lot of hunger for the game. Belichick has given Cam high praise in the past, stating, “Of all the guys we play or have played recently in the last couple of years, he’s the hardest guy to deal with. He makes good decisions, he can run, he’s strong, he’s hard to tackle.”

That’s some high praise for a coach who just kicked Tom Brady to the curb. Belichick rarely compliments anyone, so you know he’s optimistic about the Patriots’ chances this season.

Football wise, I think the Patriots are in a good spot, but I’m more excited for the drip that we’ll be seeing from Cam this season. There’s just nothing like it.