Thom Brennaman Had the Funniest/Worst Home Run Call of All Time

Twitter had a lot of fun on Wednesday night after Cincinnati Reds Sportscaster, Thom Brennaman, gave one of the most awkward/funny home run calls we’ve ever seen.

If you missed it, Brennaman, was caught saying the word “fag” during a live broadcast of the Reds and Royals matchup.

It wasn’t until the fifth inning that Thom realized his mistake, and he decided to issue his apology. It just happened to come during a home run, which was terrible timing for his sad-faced soliloquy.

As a result, Twitter had a field day:

Despite all the clowning of Thom Brennaman, his energy for that depressing home run call was still better than anything Joe Buck has produced over the years.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this embarrassing moment: Don’t apologize for stuff. You’ll just end up making it worse.



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