Wait a Minute, Kyle Kuzma Actually Did Something

Alex Edmonds
2 min readAug 11, 2020


It’s always hilarious to hop on Twitter during a Laker game. The Lake Show has the ultimate meme team, so it’s inevitable that at least one of the players will start trending during a matchup. For players like Caruso, the fan reaction is normally pretty positive. Meanwhile, it constantly feels like all of NBA Twitter, including Laker fans, ban together and roast the shit out of Kyle Kuzma. Whether it’s his outfits or his terrible defense, NBA fans will always find a way to shit on Kuz. And when I say NBA fans, that includes myself. I’ve been pretty ruthless when it comes to the Kuz slander:

These are all from the last 10 days. “Hater” is an understatement.

Although me and the rest of the internet losers love to hate on Kuz, things are a little different tonight. Kuz actually did something pretty special, hitting a game-winning 3 to beat the Nuggets at the end of regulation.

Overall, it was a nice game from Kuz as he went 3/5 from 3-point range and had six boards to go with it. Props to him for hitting a big time shot. Glad he’s finally contributing his end of the bargain for that “Big 3”.

Now if I can hate for a sec, the trouble with Kuzma has been his consistency, or lack thereof. Throughout the season, he has been off and on, sometimes showing flashes of brilliance, and other times looking like a 5th grader in church league. You can never predict how he’ll play, but you can always predict how he’ll dress.

Like a god damn fool: