We Don’t Deserve Joe Kelly

Alex Edmonds
2 min readAug 3, 2020

Should we build the statue now?

Joe Kelly reached legendary status after his skirmish with the Astros on Tuesday night.

Tension started to build when Kelly threw a 3–0 pitch right at Alex Bregman’s fat head. Everyone knew it was intentional, yet Bregman was still too scared to charge the mound. Wanna know why? Joe Kelly has handled mound-charging buffoons in the past. And it never ends well for the batters:

That’s right, Joe Kelly is what I would call “clinically insane” but in the best way possible. The guy has no fear out on the baseball diamond. And specifically last night, the little lip raise/pouting thingy that he did to Correa was incredible. There’s no question that’ll be a top sports memes for the rest of 2020.

After the fight broke out, every baseball fan around the league was praising Kelly for his efforts. Right now it’s the world vs Houston, so anyone who’s willing to head hunt an Astros player deserves some praise. Unfortunately, the MLB’s commissioner doesn’t see it that way.

Kelly’s “antics” resulted in an eight game suspension, which is equivalent to 22 games in a full regular season. Every MLB fan flipped shit, as they should, seeing as other teams (hint hint) have done far worse, and received way less punishment.

Based on Kelly’s suspension, Manfred is telling us that getting into one altercation is FAR worse than cheating your way to a World Series. What a fuckin joke. I thought Roger Goodell was terrible, but I think Manfred takes the cake for worst commissioner in sports.

The most frustrating part is that he knows his punishment for the Astros was soft, but he’s so arrogant that he’s doubling down on his terrible decision. Hey Rob, instead of being an imbecile, why don’t you just give Houston the punishment they deserve? Takeaway the 2017 World Series and suspend every player involved for 50 games at a minimum.

People wonder why the MLB has been in deep shit for so long. Well guess what? It has a lot to do with Rob Manfred. Give the Astros the punishment they deserve. Otherwise, this league is Manfucked.