With the addition of J.R. Smith, the Lakers Now Have the Perfect Meme Team

Alex Edmonds
3 min readJul 5, 2020

The Twittersphere went nuts on Tuesday, following Woj’s announcement that the Lakers officially added J.R. Smith to the roster for the remainder of the season.

Here were just a few of the memes that graced my timeline:

The Hennygod is back on an NBA roster. And although he might show up drunk to some of these bubble games, he certainly adds a spark that’s much needed for this Lakers team. Although J.R. might not always know the score, the Lakers can count on him to cash in a three from time to time.

In addition to J.R. Smith, the other Lakers meme god is going to have to step up big time for the Lake Show. With the absence of Avery Bradley, the Carushow can expect a lot more playing time.

And why wouldn’t he expect to play more? All memes aside, Alex Caruso has been a great compliment to LeBron all season, and many would consider him to be the the third member of the Lakers’ big three. Matter of fact, there have been zero reported cases of LeBron threatening to trade Caruso this season, which is the lowest number of threats made by LeBron in his career.

With the explosiveness of Caruso, and the shooting from J.R. Smith, the Lakers look like the favorites in this year’s *Finals. Just as long as J.R. doesn’t pull this again:

Given the fact that both J.R. and Carushow can hoop, it’s very possible that this meme team can become the dream team if they’re able to pull off a *championship. And let’s not forget about Dwight Howard either. This man has been a victim of the internet for quite some time, so maybe we’ll cut him some slack if he wins a ring. Or maybe we’ll just joke about him having a cock ring.

In addition to the actual games being played, I would love a “day in the life’ vid of players just hanging out in the bubble. J.R. in Orlando just seems electric. I can totally see him having too many sake bombs at Epcot.